Low Odor Restoration for Elevator Doors and Cars

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In direct response to one of last Quarter’s articles about the low odor, VOC Compliant materials now being offered by OFS, we’re happy to have helped with the brass elevator restoration project at Hoffman SummerWood Community. Our main goal was to complete the work without disrupting residents. “The OFS crew was quiet and clean,” said Executive Director Joan Carney, CDP. …

Recent Restoration Projects Demonstrate OFS Commitment to Going Green

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Before: Mirrored Finish Before: Mirrored Finish Woodwork and Metal Refinishing with Environmentally Friendly Products In past years, strong odors from finishing materials have caused some concerns voiced by customers and tenants. OFS now use low odor finishes and ventilation practices to reduce complaints from those who have chemical “sensitivities”. In recent years, OFS has made in-roads towards going green by …

Maintaining Facilities for the Hospitality Industry

OFS Corp Elevator Doors, Metal Restoration, On Site Services

OFS crew able to maintain elevator cars with minimal disruption to the “daily routine” Shiny, metallic elevator doors and cars are a staple of corporate buildings and hotels alike. And while this eye-catching machinery can leave a positive impression on guests and staff, when tarnished and scuffed from every day use, they can also detract from public appeal. The OFS …

"Rising Star" Article

Connecticut’s “Rising Star” of Architectural Metal Refinishing and Restoration

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OFS Corp. division starts in 1991 – becoming the “Gold Standard” of first impressions throughout Southern New England Entrances, atriums, elevator lobbies and handrails are often the first impression a visitor gets upon entering a new corporate complex or Class A and B office building. That first “impression” can turn to “depression” if metal surfaces look worn, tarnished and oxidized. …