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Here’s something we don’t see every day!

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The Vintage Radio & Communication Museum of Connecticut in Windsor is a little hidden gem of history and culture in our community. This winter, museum staff challenged our skilled craftsman to strip, repair, and refinish the walnut cabinet of a 1940’s era Wurlitzer Model 700 Jukebox. While OFS is normally finishing, touching up or refinishing larger architectural millwork projects, kitchens, libraries, …


Low Odor Restoration for Elevator Doors and Cars

OFS Corp Elevator Doors, Metal Restoration, On Site Services

In direct response to one of last Quarter’s articles about the low odor, VOC Compliant materials now being offered by OFS, we’re happy to have helped with the brass elevator restoration project at Hoffman SummerWood Community. Our main goal was to complete the work without disrupting residents. “The OFS crew was quiet and clean,” said Executive Director Joan Carney, CDP. …


Seasonal Maintenance and Building Upkeep

OFS Corp On Site Services, Wood Restoration

Every winter metallic trim and building doors, foyers and entrances take a beating from winter storms, frigid conditions, and salt corrosion. It’s time once again for Spring cleaning. At the very least, OFS Corp. recommends washing down exterior metal surfaces with warm water to remove salt and environmental buildup. Our facility services also include cleaning and sealing aluminum entry ways …

Recent Restoration Projects Demonstrate OFS Commitment to Going Green

OFS Corp Elevator Doors, Fine Wood Finishing, Metal Restoration, Wood Restoration

Before: Mirrored Finish Before: Mirrored Finish Woodwork and Metal Refinishing with Environmentally Friendly Products In past years, strong odors from finishing materials have caused some concerns voiced by customers and tenants. OFS now use low odor finishes and ventilation practices to reduce complaints from those who have chemical “sensitivities”. In recent years, OFS has made in-roads towards going green by …

Refinished Wood Doors for Yale

OFS Corp Architectural Finishing, Fine Wood Finishing, Office Door Refinishing, On Site Services, Wood Door Refinishing

OFS completes restoration project at our South Windsor facility As part of our ongoing restoration work at Yale University in New Haven, the OFS team has taken badly worn and damaged doors and returned them to their original historic beauty and charm. After safely removing and transporting the solid wood pieces to our shop in South Windsor. CT, we removed …

Onsite Touch Up & Furniture Repair

OFS Corp Furniture Finish and Repair, On Site Services

OFS Service Vehicles arrive after your staff has left for the day OFS Service Vehicles arrive after your staff has left for the day OFS Maintenance Plans Improve “Curb Appeal” – Non-disruptive to Building Employees and Residents Executive Office furniture touch up Executive Office furniture touch up From large lobbies and corporate office space to executive offices, wood doors and …

UConn Health Center in Farmington Gets OFS Touchup

OFS Corp Metal Restoration, On Site Services

Onsite team handles restoration and cleaning of aluminum window frames in patient rooms Our metal restoration team helped with post-construction site touch-up of trim and windows in the medical facility’s new bed tower. The OFS Onsite crew also cleaned up stains, tarnish and environmental damage. Other areas that needed metalwork and touch ups included a meeting room and two connectors …

It’s the Top of the 9th , Let OFS be your Ace Closer

OFS Corp On Site Services

If you’re an MLB manager, it’s late in the game – You’re up by a narrow margin, it’s not a time to send in one of your key starters. You want an ace closer to finish them off. It’s the same with a fine woodworking installation. Once you’ve gone through delivery and it’s in place, then you’re almost there. Late …


Yale Center for British Arts Phase 2 COMPLETE

OFS Corp Fine Wood Finishing, Metal Restoration, On Site Services, Wood Restoration

OFS onsite team does aerial refinishing, 50’ off the ground!  This year, spring will start off with the grand reopening of a historic, landmark building nestled in the heart of New Haven. OFS is honored to have been a part of the second, third and fourth floor restoration for the Yale Center of British Arts. All of the building’s white …


Kitchens and Woodwork for High End Homes

OFS Corp Furniture Finish and Repair, On Site Services, Wood Restoration

People often think of OFS only for corporate office space, however, large residential projects and luxury homes are also part of repertoire. We pride ourselves on achieving the highest quality finishing available in the Northeast. For this newly renovated “Dream Kitchen” in Ellington, CT, the OFS Shop provided finishing services on all new woodwork, cabinets, wall paneling, trim, and kitchen …