Low Odor Lacquers and Finishes Offer Environmentally-Friendly Alternatives

OFS Corp On Site Services

OFS uses VOC compliant products to make wood and metal surfaces look their best

One of the top concerns we frequently hear from building owners and property managers is that our finishing services will create unpleasant odors that will “offend” people with chemical sensitivities.

Historically, this has been a topic we at OFS have had to face because traditional lacquers, finishes, and even some cleaning solvents have resulted in strong odors, which in extreme cases could linger.

However, the times they are ‘a changing, and we are happy to report that our most trusted vendors have developed new formulations that offer low odor, waterborne alternatives that provide the same durability and performance as their traditional product lines.

“It has been seen as a very positive trend in our industry,” said OFS President, Al Hare. “Where we used to only have one or two options, now we have a number of product choices that are low odor alternatives for both woodwork and metalwork restoration and refinishing.”

New products that include cleaning agents and coatings have been a big help, Hare said. By using those new products and thoroughly ventilating a work space, we’ve had many projects completed during off business hours, where building employees have come to work the next day and not one person has voiced concerns pertaining to odors.

While new improvements continue in the area of VOC Compliance, we realize 100% satisfaction is still a goal to strive for. Individuals with extreme sensitivity may obviously still detect the recent use of certain products.

Having a wider selection of finishing products to choose from is a HUGE development in our industry – and we encourage those who have had “issues” in the past with maintaining the wood finishes and metalwork of their properties to contact us and see if a new product would help reduce this effect

We have also experimented with new formulas that allow for additives that change the typical odors to a more pleasing scent, such as vanilla or citrus.

In some cases, this little difference has gone a long way towards creating a more pleasant experience for employees, guests, and building visitors.