Unique Finishing Project for Austin Organ, Inc.

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OFS provides woodwork finishing services on a pipe organ for a Houston-area church

At St. John Vianney Catholic Church in Houston, TX, they follow the path of “Living Faith, Changing Lives, Making a Difference.”

OFS was happy to answer the call by Hartford’s very own Austin Organ, Inc., when they were contracted to apply their expert craft to building a brand new musical work of art for the parish’s massive cathedral.

In fact, work is almost completed on their patented “Opus 2798” instrument, which is comprised of four keyboards and a pedal control keyboard – not to mention over 3,500 individual pipes. The pipes of an organ are arranged into “ranks”, allowing the separate solo division sounds, such as  Cello, Violin, and Tuba. The St. Vianney model is huge and will be able to control 61 ranks of pipes!

For our part, OFS is providing professional expertise in the area of fine wood staining and finishing. Our ability to color match original woodwork with new materials, as well as tone and grains of different woods, makes us a good fit for very specialized projects.

Founded in 1893, Austin Organs Inc. sets the gold standard as architects and builders of classic pipe organs. Their reputation for reliability and longevity precedes itself – with many of their instruments from the late 19th century still in use today!

To us, that speaks volumes for their craftsmanship and professionalism. We were honored to be included in the work of a company that is ingrained in the fabric and history of Hartford, CT.

These unlabeled photos accompanying the article show some of the specific organ woodwork being finished in our South Windsor shop.

For more information on their recent projects, visit Austin Organs on the web.

Coincidentally, two of these last photos are an organ console from a vintage instrument that is being restored by Foley-Baker, Inc., another talented CT company based in Tolland. The OFS shop is matching color and finish to blend with the rest of the restoration project.

Foley-Baker, Inc. pipe organ restoration project / Visit www.foleybaker.com to learn more.