Restore Elevator Doors to Their Original Elegance!

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OFS metal restoration team brings stainless steel and brass metalwork back to life

Scott Hare and his metal restoration crew hit another one out of the park with their recent project at Liberty Bank in Middletown.

These guys can make restoring satin stainless steel and satin brass look easy. It’s not!  It takes the right materials, tools, and know-how to bring tarnished metal surfaces back to life.

That’s not painter’s tape: The unique blue highlighting on these elevator doors was even more striking after the restoration work was completed.

“I’d like to take a minute to thank you and your metal restoration crew for the outstanding job they performed on our home office main entrance and interior elevator doors,” said Mr. Paul Nosal, (Project Manager/Facility Services). “The brass looks terrific!”

Exterior metallic surfaces are exposed to weather, salt, and pollution. Interior metal and trim tarnishes over time and can be scuffed, scratched and marked by fingerprints. The OFS team can breathe new life into your old and worn stainless steel, brass, copper and other metal décor.

Don’t forget, we can also restore your old and weathered plaques.