Seasonal Maintenance and Building Upkeep

OFS Corp On Site Services, Wood Restoration

Manage facility maintenance costs with OFS metal restoration and woodwork touch-up services


Every winter metallic trim and building doors, foyers and entrances take a beating from winter storms, frigid conditions, and salt corrosion. It’s time once again for Spring cleaning.

At the very least, OFS Corp. recommends washing down exterior metal surfaces with warm water to remove salt and environmental buildup. Our facility services also include cleaning and sealing aluminum entry ways and curtain walls. We have professional grade materials and techniques for restoring brass, bronze, stainless steel, copper and other metallic surfaces.

How about interior office spaces?

No problem. Let’s face it, outfitting an office with all new millwork can cost tens of thousands of dollars. At OFS, we have found that restoring and refinishing existing millwork can be a cost-effective way to freshen up the look of corporate offices.

wood-finishing-maintenance-services2From executive offices to corporate meeting rooms and staff lounges, OFS can restore sun bleached paneling, bookcases, furniture, and doors. We can also repair and fill holes where pictures were once hung, repair dings, dents and scratches from mail carts, and other damage resulting from everyday wear and tear.

OFS Vice President Dan Hare and his field team are trained and equipped to make professional repairs to mahogany, oak, maple and all wood surfaces. They fill, recolor and re-grain so that previous damage is virtually undetectable to the untrained eye.

Our guys work after hours so as not to disturb your normal work day.

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