Refinished Wood Doors for Yale

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door-restoration-new-haven-ct-2-smOFS completes restoration project at our South Windsor facility

As part of our ongoing restoration work at Yale University in New Haven, the OFS team has taken badly worn and damaged doors and returned them to their original historic beauty and charm.

After safely removing and transporting the solid wood pieces to our shop in South Windsor. CT, we removed the tarnished and chipped metallic hardware for cleaning and restoration procedures.

door-and-metal-restoration-new-haven-ct-3-smThe wood surface was repaired, sanded, stained, and fully refinished. Preserving historical craftsmanship and detail is one of our areas of expertise.

The cleaned and polished hardware was then reinstalled and the doors were put back in place on campus.

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  • door-and-metal-restoration-new-haven-ct-2-lg
The doors were assembled at our shop to check for color matching. Finished doors were then placed back on Yale campus
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  • door-restoration-new-haven-ct-after-lg2