Onsite Touch Up & Furniture Repair

OFS Corp Furniture Finish and Repair, On Site Services


OFS Service Vehicles arrive after your staff has left for the day

OFS Maintenance Plans Improve “Curb Appeal” – Non-disruptive to Building Employees and Residents


Executive Office furniture touch up

From large lobbies and corporate office space to executive offices, wood doors and trim, our onsite wood finishing professionals keep your property looking it’s best.

We prefer to work when your people have left for the day. And we use low odor, environmentally friendly products to protect everyone who works in and around your property.

We have found that customers who utilize our recommended onsite service plans have seen economic benefits by avoiding large cost restoration and repair bills.

An example we often refer to: The product cost on delivery and labor for one new door can be upwards of $1,000 installed. When compared to the average monthly OFS service cost, our approach can often result in considerably less money than the cost of replacement and installation fees for new doors and furniture.

Wood Doors and Elevator Cars. Brass and metalwork Restoration and Maintenance with VOC Compliant materials
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