Pay Me Now, or, Pay Me Later

OFS Corp Architectural Finishing

OFS has seen many cost cutting measures that cost more in the long run

Architectural FinisherAs many of you may not remember (because you’re too young!), in the early 1970’s the FRAM oil company had a TV commercial that featured a mechanic who would explain that major engine overhaul and replacement could cost significantly more than a $4 oil change and filter as a regular maintenance routine.

His tagline was “Pay me now, or pay me later.”

A similar experience can be drawn from the restoration work we aspire to at OFS, especially when it comes to historic buildings and architecture.

When modernization and upgrades are required, there is often a need to match new woodwork with original wood surfaces that have aged and weathered over the years.

The best time for OFS Corp. to get involved in color matching in a scenario like this, is when the new surfaces have yet to be finished.

That would be the “Pay Me Now” part. Proven OFS expertise means we consider color, grain, sheen and of course age of the existing woodwork.

Too often, this is not the case.

Many times we see the results of a painter over challenged to perform the tasks of an architectural finisher, or a shop finish on new pieces that did not properly account for the lighting and other onsite “conditions”.

In some cases we have seen the use of a gloss urethane-type Minwax product that can leave a wood surface unrepairable back to its original finish without chemical stripping and complete refinishing, which is much more costly in the end.

Sadly, we have sometimes seen replacement work needed at a cost of up to 3X as much as the original cost should have been. That’s the “Pay Me Later.”

OFS aims to avoid this scenario with 3 goals in mind:

  • Fair pricing on high quality work
  • Blending colors to match either new to old or, old to new
  • Getting it right the first time

OFS – finishing that pays off in the long run.