It’s the Top of the 9th , Let OFS be your Ace Closer

OFS Corp On Site Services

pitcherIf you’re an MLB manager, it’s late in the game – You’re up by a narrow margin, it’s not a time to send in one of your key starters.

You want an ace closer to finish them off.

It’s the same with a fine woodworking installation. Once you’ve gone through delivery and it’s in place, then you’re almost there. Late innings, up by a run.

But, you’ve had some dings and dents along the way. Or maybe, now in the same lighting the color match is not as exact as it could be.

Onsite wood finishing repair and refinishing experts, such as OFS, can be that ace closer you’re looking for to get you off the job and on to the next big paying project.

Think about the hidden costs of not going with a closer:

First, the equipment in the field can be different. Now you need to invest in extra supplies and tools.

Next, you take a key finisher out of their comfort zone in the shop.

They are probably more efficient and valuable in the shop than out trying to fix things in the field.

Meanwhile, if they were back in the shop, they could be more productive working on a new project.

Labor + Time + Travel: It all adds up

At OFS, we work quickly in the field to keep those unexpected costs under control.

And we work even quicker in the shop. Use our expertise to boost your productivity.