Restoration is a Budget Buster

OFS Corp Helpful Tips

Restoration of your decorative metal, furniture, and woodwork every few years can be a rather large line item on most property managers’ yearly budgets. Instead of waiting two, three, or more years let’s talk about maintenance.
Over time when these items are left to nature, continuous use, and the occasional accidents, the cost of restoration and down time is increased, putting a strain on those budgets. Instead of working with that large restoration line item every few years why not include a smaller annual, or even smaller still monthly amount for the maintenance of your metal, furniture, and woodwork?
By scheduling regular maintenance visits for your metal, furniture, and woodwork you will reap several benefits:
1) You now have a small monthly line item on your budget
2) Your building will always appear well maintained
3) You will no longer have that large restoration bill every few years
4) Our craftsmen can become an extension of your maintenance staff
5) Off hours service at our standard day rates
At OFS our maintenance crews will do whatever it takes to keep the customer happy. Highly trained professionals, working after normal business hours with minimal disruption to employees and tenants while paying exceptional attention to detail are just a couple of reasons to call OFS today.
Call Dan Hare for all of your wood and furniture restoration and maintenance needs.
Call Scott Hare for all of your metal restoration and maintenance needs.