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OFS Corp Helpful Tips

In our line of work, we adhere to the state’s disposal regulations for the materials necessary to create professional finishes on fine woodwork. But if you’re a hobbyist or a craftsman, the rules may not seem so clear. Remember, the lacquers and finishes used in woodworking projects should be considered hazardous household waste and disposed of properly.

Some tips from the pros for working with these materials:

  • Try to estimate and purchase only what you need for the project at hand. This way you also avoid storing excess and wasting material that has expired past its shelf life.
  • Never dispose of materials in the yard, the trash, or down drains and sewers. Your town or local landfill may have a hazardous waste disposal calendar.
  • Think and be logical. Start by reading the product label for recommended disposal.

If you’re looking for more details or ideas on this topic, we recommend this article by Alan Noel: