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Northeast’s Largest Distributor Documents Our Multiple Step Process

You don’t get to be a fourth generation family owned and operated business in New England without offering top notch products. Since 1890, Brockway – Smith Company has been committed to quality. At OFS, we are proud to offer our exterior door finishing services to this leading distributor.

As part of their quality assurance strategy, BROSCO will often document a step process in order to demonstrate to their customers the level of detail and craftsmanship that goes into their quality products. In recent years, OFS has developed a multiple step process to exterior door finishing for BROSCO’s fiberglass doors using all water based products to ensure environmentally friendly practices.

In the example photographed for this article, our process creates a wood mahogany effect. The end goal of documenting the process justifies the perception of a premium price to a general public that might not understand the level of work needed to complete each door.