Last Winter Warning …of This Year Anyway!

OFS Corp Metal Restoration

Spring is the time for maintenance on metalwork that is exposed to the elements. Seasonal storms and salt will wreak havoc if neglected.

It seems we just can’t hammer home this point enough, especially as the New England winter makes its exit and visitors can once again see more clearly the facades of the buildings they frequent. Time and time again we see customers incur expensive cleanup costs to repair the effects of long term exposure to the region’s harsh seasonal weather.

In contrast, OFS customers who execute regular maintenance schedules reap the benefits of relatively low “upkeep” costs that can be planned for and controlled throughout the year. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. For this time of year, we recommend cleaning with non-abrasive products and protective coatings of wax on brass, bronze, aluminum and other metallic surfaces. Believe it or not, carnauba wax works the best.