Maintaining Facilities for the Hospitality Industry

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OFS crew able to maintain elevator cars with minimal disruption to the “daily routine”

Shiny, metallic elevator doors and cars are a staple of corporate buildings and hotels alike. And while this eye-catching machinery can leave a positive impression on guests and staff, when tarnished and scuffed from every day use, they can also detract from public appeal.

Elevator Doors at the Hilton Garden InnThe OFS Onsite Maintenance Crew excels at keeping metal surfaces looking their best by properly cleaning fingerprints and smudges, as well as hiding scratches and other blemishes.

For corporate clients, we typically conduct these maintenance tasks after hours, when the workforce has gone home for the night. This allows that natural work flow and traffic of the building to operate without interruption.

But what do you do in the case of a hotel, where staff and customers have to be onsite day and night?

During a recent job at the Hilton Garden Inn, OFS worked closely with management to complete our elevator refinishing services, on location, without disrupting guests.

Through proper planning, communication and coordination, we were able to time our activities and direct foot traffic in such a way that resulted in no complaints and minimum disruption to hotel activities. Obviously, there were certain times in the project where we had to take an elevator car “offline” to complete our work. However, by strategizing with hotel management, we were able to use logic base planning to work at times when elevator use was “light”. Despite the minor inconvenience, we felt it was a major success that there were no complaints from hotel staff or guests alike.

At OFS we pride ourselves on working with clients to ensure they get the results and services they want, while still conducting business as usual.