From a historic museum in New Haven, CT. to a college campus in Poughkeepsie, NY., our Onsite Restoration Crew is making the grade

OFS Corp Metal Restoration, Millwork, Wood Restoration

OFS Onsite Restoration Hits Ivy League Standards with Scientific Sensitivity

Meeting high standards is an integral part of our work ethic. At OFS, we are experts in wood restoration, renovation and now preservation – even meeting the quality assurance requirements of the Yale Center for British Art in New Haven, CT., which goes to great lengths to preserve the work of internationally acclaimed architect Louis I. Kahn (1901 – 1974).

We like to take on projects that pose unique challenges. When the new cabinets being built had to keep important historic documents safe from premature decay, we were tasked with finding materials and finishes that would not contain certain contaminants and chemicals, such as formaldehyde, which is known to turn paper brown.

Finding the right finishes by the right manufactures is where we excel, even when it comes to specialty requests and project requirements.

OFS can handle restoration on cabinets, millwork and executive wooden office desks and furniture in a convenient manner that causes relatively no interruption of business operations.

In the case of a prominent college located in the Historic Hudson River Valley in Poughkeepsie, NY., the OFS Home Team is finishing new millwork at the shop, while our Onsite Restoration Crew is staining and finishing campus stairwells and handrails to help maintain the high quality standards and appearance of the university.

When schools can impress guests, parents and students with impeccable woodwork and metal finishes, then academic ambiance and prestige is achieved.