"Rising Star" Article

Connecticut’s “Rising Star” of Architectural Metal Refinishing and Restoration

OFS Corp Elevator Doors

OFS Corp. division starts in 1991 – becoming the “Gold Standard” of first impressions throughout Southern New England

Entrances, atriums, elevator lobbies and handrails are often the first impression a visitor gets upon entering a new corporate complex or Class A and B office building. That first “impression” can turn to “depression” if metal surfaces look worn, tarnished and oxidized.

This is a natural occurrence, and simply a part of the necessary maintenance that comes along with having metallic surfaces. At OFS, we specialize in restoring¬†brass, bronze, stainless steel and aluminum to “like new” condition, so our clients can be proud to show off their properties to even the most distinguished of guests and existing tenants.

Maintaining metal entrances, trim and doorways throughout your building shows high standards of appearance

OFS - Metal RefinishingAs a building owner or property manager, you probably have several goals in mind. #1 Attracting new tenants. #2 Retaining current tenants. #3 Impressing visitors. A routine maintenance OFS service plan can help you accomplish all three, and the property upkeep will automatically get done. Our service manager will work out the details of a plan and schedule that works best for your property.

Our metal refinishers are expert craftsmen in removing scratches, graffiti, oxidation and old coatings from brass, copper, anodized aluminum and stainless steel. Hand rails, escalators, elevators and entrance doors are all heavily used features of a building – We can restore or refinish them or, we also can give them an oil-rubbed bronze look, which uses a high-performance coating to preserve and protect.

OFS - Metal RestorationWe return the shine and luster to plaques, signs, light fixtures and sculptures so they can once again be displayed with pride. Through years of experience working in historic cities like Hartford, CT and Boston, MA, we have brought metal decor back to life.

Quality and integrity you can trust

One of the key aspects of the metal restoration services we offer is the refinishing of elevator car interiors and their exterior doors. To demonstrate our high standards and level of professionalism, OFS is a premier service provider to elevator manufacturers you know and trust, such as: Otis, Kon√©, Schindler and ThyssenKrupp. By performing at this quality level, our hotel contracts with Marriott and Holiday Inns ensure that they can “Fly Their Flag”, and that we will help them maintain the appearance standards set by the corporate home office.

From the Bushnell Theater to UConn campus facilities and insurance company properties like The Hartford and Aetna, OFS repairs scratches and marks and uses the correct products for the best results. Most of our metal refinishing services are performed onsite, after hours, at our customers’ facilities.

Whether it’s a satin finish you are after, or the reflective mirror “look”, with OFS, you will impress. We are an Allied Member of BOMA and a Friend of IREM as well as being part of the Better Business Bureau – so rest assured, with OFS the job will get done right.