Over Seven Years of DOORS – and Still Going Strong

OFS Corp Fiberglass Doors

OFS Corp. Division Has Built a Reputation on Quality,

Flexibility, and Project Delivery

Surfaces must be smooth and clean for a quality finish. OFS professionals sand and dust doors before sending items to the spray booth.

One key component of the OFS business plan for success has been our residential and commercial door finishing facility in South Windsor, CT, which opened in 2005.

A natural “next step” from our wood finishing background and expertise, we have created a fine professional finish on over 20,000 doors to date – and still counting.

How do we do it? On a simple paint application project, our finishers can clear 40 doors in a day — That’s 200 doors a week running at full capacity!

On a more complicated job, which might involve matching stain and maintaining consistency across an entire project, we can still manage 15 doors a day – or 75 out the door each week.

Growing within a changing industry

Professional stains, lacquers and finishes are applied in smooth full strokes that keeps the results even and eye catching.

As a clear matter of economics, much of the residential building market has shifted from traditional wood doors to the more affordable fiber glass doors, which have proven to be more durable, especially under drastic weather changes like we see here in the Northeast, where wood often warps and cracks.

Fiberglass can be made to look as good as wood, but cost a lot less – that’s where we come in.

OFS found its niche in the professional finishing arena, with end results that can fool even the discerning eye. Let’s face it, you would not buy a brand new car but insist on only having it primed. DIY (do it yourself) tactics are not the best for every project.

Trust the same quality and handcrafted finishes that big name door suppliers like Brockway Smith trust as their exclusive vendor.

All the attention to detail pays off when the final product is packaged and shipped with the proper precautions to ensure for safe delivery.

Wood doors, fiberglass, even steel and metal doors – OFS has the experience to match all surfaces. Our professionals are familiar with the name brands, like Jeld-Wen, Therma Tru, Masonite, Master Grain, Simpson and Lemieux – achieving consistency and fine aesthetics on every piece.

Our track record across Connecticut, Massachusetts and all of New England as well as New York and New Jersey is impeccable.

Good for your “look” and good for the environment

OFS cares about the materials we use. Much of our door finishing work is done with environmentally friendly, waterborne and water-based exterior clear coat urethane products. In other cases, measures are always taken for safe clean up and application of the finishes in order to protect our OFS family, customers and the planet.